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Musical instruments provide us with a way to express ourselves. Guitars are the favorite for many people and it is fairly simple to master the basic skills you’ll need to learn how to play. Learning to play guitar will give you a creative outlet for your emotions, and allow you to impress anyone you play for. If you have a love of music, and want to learn how to play guitar, scroll down and follow these free online guitar lessons and you’ll be on your way to perfecting your sound.

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Guitar Lessons

Free Online guitar lessons

  1. Holding your Guitar
  • Assuming you are right handed, you are going to hold the guitar with your left hand at the top to hold down the chords, and your right hand will strum the strings at the bottom of the instrument.
  • The biggest string on the guitar (the low E string) should be closest to the ceiling, and the skinniest should be closest to the floor. 
  • Your dominant hand is your “strumming hand”. You will use this hand to pluck the strings.
  • Your non-dominant hand is used to press the strings down onto the fretboard and create the individual notes.
  • If you are sitting, balance the base of your guitar on your thigh
  • If you are standing, buy an adjustable strap to support the guitar (can be found at any music store
  • Angle the neck of your guitar up at a 45 degree angle
  • Balance the neck between your thumb and forefinger


  1. Master the Correct Fingering

If you are right handed, your left hand will be responsible for pressing down the strings on the fretboard to play the notes. Beginners tend to want to play the notes only using one finger, however you will play much more efficiently if you use all four fingers. Note: when you are just starting your fingers will get tired and sore before calluses build. To play guitar properly you will need to understand which fingers are responsible for pressing down which strings:

  1. Learning the Chords

Learning all of the chords is the most important part of learning to play guitar. Once you have mastered each one, you will be able to play any song you want. Many say that as a beginner there are five major chords you should learn: E G C A D, however there is a whole list of chords that you should work on one by one until you perfect all of them. The best way to master these chords is to practice them daily, most importantly work on finger placement for each chord.


  1. How to stand/sit

Whether you are standing or sitting, posture is very important. For both:

  • Your back needs to be straight
  • Your shoulders back


  • Guitar supported by your thigh
  • Feet on floor or on stool


  • Guitar supported by a strap
  • Feet flat on the floor
  1. Checking to see if your guitar is in tune

When you are first starting to play, making sure your guitar is tuned is crucial. As a beginner it is important for you to hear what each chord should sound like when played properly on a tuned guitar. Tuning your guitar is very simple and once you learn what each string should sound like you’ll be able to do it without a tuner. When you’re just getting started, you can follow this guide:


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